Thanks to a generous grant from the Thom E. Dailey Foundation we were able to repaint the 1920 Caboose and finish the painting of the 1902 Depot.  The lettering has yet to be completed on the caboose, but the new red coat of paint will protect the caboose from deteriorating.  The west side of the Depot now looks as fantastic as the rest of the depot.



The foundation has been dug for the barn.  Now we need cooperation from the weather and everyone involved in finishing the foundation and placing the barn.


The buildings at Linwood Park are closed for the winter, except for specific scheduled events.  If you enjoy visiting  the CHS Linwood Park Historic Village, please consider making a donation to the CHS mission.   We are a non-profit, volunteer organization and operate through donations,  grants and membership dues.

The Caledonia Historical Society meets the third Thursday of every month at 6:30 pm.  Starting with the meeting on November 19th, we will meet at the Caledonia/Mt. Pleasant Memorial Park at 9416 Northwestern Ave.   Our meeting in December is our Christmas potluck celebration.  Everyone is welcome.

We have several items for sale to help pay the expenses of maintaining our historic village.   The items include mugs, note cards, the book, “Milwaukee Then and Now,” bricks for the walk way by the Town Hall, and posters of the 1902 Depot.   If you are interested, send us a note via the Contact Us page on this website.

Come see us on December 11th at the Educator’s Credit Union in Sturtevant where we will be selling baked goods.   If  you need Christmas goodies, we will have them all ready for you.  All proceeds will help us “keep the lights on.”

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