Section 1: Authority for Affiliation

a. This organization is an affiliate of the Wisconsin Historical Society by virtue of incorporation under the provisions of s. 44.03 of the Wisconsin Statutes, and shall accordingly receive such benefits and meet such responsibilities as are stipulated therein and as may otherwise be defined through mutual consent and through action by the Board of Curators of the Wisconsin Historical Society.

b. As an affiliate this organization is an institutional member of the Wisconsin Historical Society and of the Wisconsin Council for Local History and is entitled to a vote of one at all general meetings of the Society and the Council.

c. This organization may terminate affiliation through restatement or amendment of its articles of incorporation and amendment to its bylaws. The Wisconsin Historical Society may terminate affiliation by formal resolution of the Board of Curators, a copy of which shall be deposited with the Department of Financial Institutions.

d. The following shall be causes for termination of affiliation by the Wisconsin Historical Society, but extenuating circumstances shall be taken into account before action to terminate affiliation is taken by the Board of Curators:

  1. Failure to hold annual elections for three consecutive years.
  2. Failure to submit annual reports to the Wisconsin Historical Society for three successive years.
  3. Consistent failure to hold meetings for the membership as set forth in Article VIII, Section 2, paragraph a of these bylaws.
  4. Failure to comply with all Federal and State 501( c)(3) tax exempt status requirements.
  5. Failure to maintain proper donor, accessioning, cataloging, and financial records and minutes of the meetings.

Section 2: Responsibilities

a. It shall be the responsibility of this organization to submit an annual report to the Wisconsin Historical Society which shall include the results of annual elections, the names and addresses of all officers and directors, and such other information as may be requested at given times for the purpose of accumulating data for the benefit of this and other affiliated organizations. Such a report may be filed electronically.

b. The Wisconsin Historical Society shall be notified of all changes in the articles of incorporation and the bylaws.

c. In order to protect the interests of donors and contributors this organization shall install and maintain standard accessioning and cataloging procedures and shall maintain all Federal and State 501(c)(3) tax exempt status requirements.

Section 3: The Role of the Wisconsin Historical Society in Affiliation

a. The Wisconsin Historical Society shall send notices and announcements of the meetings and activities of the state society to the president of the organization whose name appears on the current mailing list, and whenever practical such notices and announcements may be sent to the officers, directors and members of this organization to the extent to which the organization provides the Wisconsin Historical Society with current membership mailing lists.

b. The organization shall receive without charge such publications and periodicals as prescribed by Wis. Stats. 44.03(5).

c. To the extent to which staff time and funds permit, the Wisconsin Historical Society shall extend its professional and technical services to this affiliate.

Section 4: The Wisconsin Council for Local History

  1. This organization shall be a member of the South Eastern region of the Wisconsin Council for Local History, the association of the affiliates of the Wisconsin Historical Society established by the Board of Curators in 1961 through the authority of s. 44. 03( 5) of the Wisconsin Statutes.


Section 1: Voluntary Dissolution

a. In the event this organization shall be unable to maintain its facilities or to sustain its activities, notice of intent to dissolve shall be sent to the Wisconsin Historical Society..

b. Upon ratification by the members of a vote by the board of directors to dissolve the organization the following steps shall be taken:

  1. Satisfy all liabilities and obligations.
  2. Satisfy all conditions stipulated in agreements with donors.
  3. Ownership of the land known as Part of Parcel No.51-104-04-22-14-065-000 deeded to the Caledonia Historical Society on February 5, 2014, shall revert to the grantor (Village of Caledonia), and its assigns
  4. Ownership of the land known as Part of Parcel No. 104-04-22-14-064-001 deeded to the Caledonia Historical Society on May 18, 2015, shall revert to the grantor (Racine County) and its assigns.
  5. Distribute all remaining assets exclusively for educational purposes to one or more historical societies, libraries; museums, or educational institutions state, county, town, or municipally operated or incorporated exclusively for educational purposes in accordance with s. 181.51 and s. 44.03 of the Wisconsin Statutes and section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.
  6. Complete the appropriate legal forms certifying to the results of the vote on dissolution and compliance with the above procedures for dissolution and distribution of assets.

Section 2: Involuntary Dissolution

a. In accordance with the provisions of s.44.03(3) of the Wisconsin Statutes, proceedings for the involuntary dissolution of the organization may be initiated by the Board of Curators of the Wisconsin Historical Society, if that board determines that, in its opinion, the organization has become inactive or defunct. This may include but is not limited to, a situation in which the organization becomes so inactive that there are no remaining officers, directors, or members to effect voluntary dissolution.

b. In the implementation of involuntary dissolution proceedings, title to such property, records, and collections not otherwise provided for in the articles of incorporation and bylaws of the organization or in the agreements of donors shall be vested in the Wisconsin Historical Society and all remaining assets shall be distributed in the same manner as stipulated in paragraph b, Section 1, of this article of the bylaws, with the first offer being made to whatever county or local governmental unit that may have aided the organization financially.

Article XI: Amendments

These bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of members present or voting by proxy at any regular meeting or special meeting called for the purpose, provided the amendment is either submitted in writing to the membership thirty days prior to the meeting or presented for an announced open discussion at the meeting prior to the one set for action on the amendment.

Certificate of Adoption

It is hereby certified that the foregoing bylaws of this corporation were adopted by the Caledonia History Society membership meeting at the Village of Caledonia, Wisconsin on the 16th day of September 2021 by the following vote:

Number of members having voting rights: 100

Number voting in person or by proxy: 14

Number voting for: 14  Number voting against: 0

President: David Christian

Secretary: Lynda Lechner

To download a copy of this document, click on this link: CHS-By-Laws-2021-Update.pdf