1. Dear Sir/Madam-
    My brother, son and I have attempted to discern my grandfather’s origin. It has been a complex undertaking with contradictory evidence encountered throughout our pursuit. It is my opinion, however, that he was born in Canada and is of French lineage. My son and I are going to France next summer and very much want to discover where his family originated. If we can achieve that objective, I will prepare a family genealogy booklet.

    The oral history of Phelix Elgin Jerew indicated he was born in Saginaw, MI, but there is no record of his birth in that city. Subsequent research states that Phelix Elgin Jerew was a member of the Caledonia Rifles in 1866. (Please see the enclosed information below; however, I was unable to send Phelix’s pay record but should be able to if you would send me an email address.) Could you guide us to sources that show where Phelix Jerew was born and who his parents were? With that information we should be able to find our our family hometown in France. We would be most thankful for any assistance you can provide us.

    Lynn Franks
    2345 Portola Way
    Sacramento, CA 95818

    Lynn – I received your letter of 11 September regarding the possible service of Phelix Jerew with The Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada during or before 1866. Unfortunately we only have two nominal rolls from 1866 and neither include Phelix. There are no other records in our archives that name names from that period.

    I did however do a search on Ancestry .ca and found a pay sheet for June 1866 which shows he was in the Caledonia Rifles. Unfortunately Ancestry has mislabelled this pay sheet as Queen’s Own. They were based just north of Lake Erie and although they fought with and were attached to the QOR during the June 2nd 1866 Battle of Ridgeway, they were still a separate militia unit. And we have no records for them in our archives.

    I’m sorry I couldn’t be more help but wish you all the luck in your research!


    Major John M. Stephens, CD (Ret’d)


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